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2018 Focus Sam2

2018 Focus Sam2

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Check out the specs on this beauty!!!

The Focus Sam2 Electric Bike 2018 delivers a well balanced, agile ride with supreme capability up & down-hill., powered by Shimano STEPS, the SAM2 says goodbye to uplifts.

The Focus Sam² Electric Bike 2018 is the undisputed king of the mountain, embodying the true spirit of Enduro with a ride that lets you ascend & descend with flat-out confidence, in spite of any demanding or remote terrain. Say goodbye to shuttles, gondolas & pushing.

Fun, but demanding and allowing for more time on your bike the Focus Sam² is everything a bike should be. The F.O.L.D. chassis has been specially tailored to the requirements of enduro riding, with a perfectly balanced ride that is equal parts stable as it is responsive.

The compact design of the Shimano E8000 motor and battery allowed Focus to create a modern, agile and aggressive geometry for the 2018 Sam². Guaranteeing the same playful ride quality as can be found on the non-power assisted Focus Sam models.

Focus Sam² 2018 Features

Tailored Energy Concept (T.E.C.) with up to 760 Wh battery power 
F.O.L.D. kinematics
170 mm suspension travel for the most demanding terrain 
Sam² Spec Highlights
Fox suspension
Magura MT5 brakes
RaceFace wheels with Maxxis tyres
SRAM NX groupset
KS E30i post
Tailored Energy Concept (T.E.C.) - Maximum Flexibility
Tailored Energy Concept provides the Sam Squared with an integrated battery design. Clean looks, low centre of gravity & extremely good handling, everything you'd ever want. The T.E.C. connector provides you with additional flexibility for power solutions, allowing you to attach an additional battery to the Bone Rail on the downtube. A further option allows you to use the Smart Rack, allowing you to bring along a bottle & tools if the Bone Rail is not in use.

Tailored Energy Concept provides additional versatility to the Squared Experience.
Want to know more? Check the video here:

Shimano STEPS MTB - Explore New Grounds
The all new specific version of the Shimano STEPS e-bike system features on all Focus Squared models. With Shimano STEPS MTB, handling corners quickly and getting the front up for obstacles is a breeze. The light-weight system offers support for higher cadences, and still makes your ride feel completely natural thanks to its narrow Q factor, delivering an efficient pedal stroke & riding position. Controlled by a power mode switch with three power modes; Eco, Trail & Boost. Complete with an integrated battery & motor design for clean looks.

For the Focus SAM², the small size of the Shimano Steps MTB system allows the F.O.L.D. (Focus Optimised Linkage Design) kinematics to function exactly as it should do, without any need for additional drive, meaning that the Sam² has the same core as its classic brother, Sam.